SKUProductPrice (£)
TW/2W-22 Wire Watermation Dual Output84.94
TW/2W-42 Wire Watermation Quad Output122.41
TW/2W-12 Wire Watermation Single Output53.71
TW/2W-32 Wire Watermation Triple Output109.92
BATT-INVBattery Inverter 12VDC-32VAC, 60HZ. Programmer/Tester PSU.229.21
UI/A/G3636-CKBig Gulp Water Removal Suction Pump 36"/36"64.89
UI/A-G3672-CKBig Gulp Water Removal Suction Pump 36"/72"70.93
buddybagBuddy Bag299.99
UI/CCPK-12CatchCan Pro Sprinkler Performance Testing System122.92
CLMPMTRClamp Meter285.24
UI/A-G12-C5Clear Gulp Water Removal Suction Pump 21"/18"55.72
UI/A-G12S-CCLEAR Gulp Water Removal Suction Syringe Pump 12"52.11
UI/A-G1236-C5Clear Gulp Water Suction Removal Pump 21"/36"58.37
Combination Decoder & Sender
UI/HNC075CoolPro fog nozzle with aluminium valve,3/4"BSP; 4-6GPM@80PSI68.09
TW-DIAS-C-2Decoder In A Solenoid (DIAS)57.47
TW/NT-1Decoder MK353.71
UI/AEO-SRT18KEasyOut spray head removal tool, 8"-12"28.17
UI/A-ERREasyReach Key for RainBird Sprinklers47.47
UI/A-ERTEasyReach Key for TORO Sprinklers47.47
TRANSFRMRFaultfinding transformer, 30V 5A312.40
UI/TSP-HSHandy Compact Soil Sampler 3/4"96.33
UI/A-BV77FMHigh-Flow 3/4" Valve-Composite/Steel32.61
HTSHITUF Cable Stripper50.94
UI/HP-K1Hose-Pro Nozzle Kit434.99
UI/HN-T150BHosetap Adaptor 1 1/2" Inlet56.72
UI/HN-R125BHosetap Adaptor RainBird 1 1/2 " Inlet56.72
UI/HN-T100BHosetap Adaptor TORO 1" Inlet56.72
RM-2-3G-UK-1BT2Internet Controller RM-2 Rainmaker 3G 1 Zone4785.27
RM-2-3G-UK-2BT2Internet Controller RM-2 Rainmaker 3G 2 Zones6229.02
RM-2-3G-UK-3BT2Internet Controller RM-2 Rainmaker 3G 3 Zones7657.19
RM-2-3G-UK-4BT2Internet Controller RM-2 Rainmaker 3G 4 Zones9259.30
PL16Jumbo crimps, uninsulated58.30 per bag of 100
PL10Large crimps, uninsulated38.50 per bag of 100
UI/A-LPWA50K-ELiquidPro Wetting Agent Applicator Gun251.68
UI/SV-75Magnum Firefighter Grip Valve 3/4" BSP177.11
UI/NG450MAGNUM nozzle, 3/4" BSP73.01
UI/SVPG-76Magnum Pistol Grip Valve 3/4" BSP227.32
UI/NG600-SFH-75Magnum UltraMax Economy-Plus Full Throttle Nozzle 3/4" FHT81.20
UI/NG650-DFH-75Magnum UltraMax Economy-Plus Turbo Shift Nozzle 3/4" FHT89.40
UI/NG500-SFH-75Magnum UltraMax Premium Full Throttle Nozzle 3/4" BSP115.95
UI/NG550-DFH-75Magnum UltraMax Premium Turbo Shift Nozzle 3/4" BSP130.45
DBY-MEDMedium grease filled sleeves81.65 per bag of 50
NEW 4-20mA Sensor Decoder
RM-2/HMI-10INSOptional RM-2 10" TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY950.00
UI/A-PPWA50KPelletPro Wetting Agent Applicator Gun144.85
UI/A-PHG-160KPitot Tube attached to 30" Flex Hose with 160PSI pressure gauge64.51
CTPL5/10/16 Crimp Tool268.02
UI/GNA-75PowerBlast MultiMax Adjustable Nozzle17.34
UI/SN6-75PowerBlast Super Sweeper 6 14.42
UI/SN2-75PowerBlast Sweeper JR. 27.18
UI/HN4800Precision Cloudburst Nozzle33.29
UI/HN5000Precision Cyclone Nozzle33.29
UI/HN1500Precision Rainbow Nozzle33.29
UI/HN2300Precision Rainmaker Nozzle33.29
TW-2W-P/TProgrammer/tester for Tonick TW/2W decoders, Senders and DIAS-C153.16
UI/SAPIEN-EUSapien 2 wire Controller: 63 Station , 220V (Europe)892.22
PL5Small Crimps (Uninsulated)33.00 per bag of 100
DBY-SMALLSmall grease filled sleeves66.13 per bag of 50
UI/TSP-12Soil Probe197.12
UI/A-SKTRBSuperKey XL, 9 in 1 Combo Key for use with Rain Bird and Toro Golf Sprinklers39.54
TW/TOR-2TORO Dual Output (SC3000/Trident)129.91
TW/TOR-4TORO Quad Output (SC3000/Trident)149.90
TW-TOR-P/TTORO SC1000/3000 Programmer Tester153.16
TW/TOR-1TORO Single Output (SC3000/Trident)92.44
TW/TOR-3TORO Triple Output (SC3000/Trident)142.40
UI/TTRC-007Turbo Trim Cutter Blade 7"79.52
UI/TTRC-008Turbo Trim Cutter Blade 8"79.52
UI/NG655-01TurfSpy Early Stress Detection Glasses95.03
TW-3/2WTW-3 Controller for 2W/Watermation Decoders779.46
TW-3/GEMTW-3 Controller for Gemini decoders779.46
TW-3/TORTW-3 Controller for Toro Trident/SC3000 Decoders779.46
CBL-REMTW3TW3/Sapien Remote Control Cable46.22
TW-TK-DEC-1Underhill Landscape Decoder90.66
UI/TW3C-PLC-KWall Mount Cabinet for Sapien/TW3/NOVO432.77
WSWire Strippers40.02