Agricultural, landscape and golf course irrigation

Welcome to TWL Irrigation, (Tonick and Underhill)

A range of irrigation controllers, valve decoders and sensor decoders for moisture, pressure, flow, 4-20mA, SDI-12 and digital input .

The famous Underhill products are stocked: Hose nozzles, Gulp hand pumps, Pellet-Pro applicators, Turbo-Trim and many more.

Multi-wire irrigation controllers and PLCs that want to offer 2wire can benefit from a versatile range of adaptors.  This allows 2wire without massive developments costs or technical risk.TWL Irrigation (known as Tonick) was formed in 1996.  Its products are used all over the world.

Complementary to decoder development, Tonick has developed a range of versatile controllers from a simple low cost stand-alone wall mount, through to a full Internet based controller with its own embedded web pages and open SCADA protocol, for city-wide irrigation networks

For companies with their own controllers, but not yet with decoders, Tonick offers a range of components which they may embed to operate proven decoders.  This avoids the technical risk and time-to-market in attempting their own designs.  These components range from simple as a pre-programmed micro-controller and a reference design, up to ready-made interface cards, DIN rail mounting or Eurocard.  These latter can communicate with the controller using a simple ASCII protocol, or Modbus RTU slave.

A Decoder/solenoid in one small package (Decoder In A Solenoid, DIAS) is now offered.  This is not much bigger than a conventional solenoid, but  includes the  lightning protected decoder as well.  With a diagnostic multi-coloured LED and the elimination of two decoder-solenoid waterproof joints, the DIAS is a significant improvement in classic decoder technology.

Decoder-based watering systems have many advantages over satellite systems. Thanks to the quality of design and build embodied in Tonick decoders, unreliability and lightning damage are no longer a problem.

Agricultural, landscape and golf course irrigation

  • Irrigation Controllers & Decoders, Sensor Decoders
  • Professional 3/4 Inch Hose Nozzles and Wetting Applicator Guns
  • Toro and Rainbird Upgrade Profile Brass Sprinkler Nozzles
  • Sprinkler Testing and Auditing Equipment
  • Long Throw, Travelling and Impact Sprinklers
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