Golf Course Irrigation

TWL Irrigation can provide a wide range of useful products for golf course irrigation and golf course irrigation systems and controllers.

Irrigation using the Tonick TW-3 controller for Watermation, Gemini and Trident golf courses. The RM-2 irrigation system for a full Internet access controller with up to 511 stations.

Tonick TW/2W and TW/TOR retrofit decoders,  Decoder In A solenoid – DIAS and the new decoder TW/NT with multicolour LED indication.

  • Hose nozzles for professionals – Underhill Turbo Trim.
  • Hand water removal pumps – Gulp series.
  • Fertiliser applicators – Pellet Pro, Liquid Pro
  • Water sprinklers accessories – Turbo Trim, Easy Out

TW/NG-1 2 Wire Irrigation Decoder

The TW/NG-1 brings a host of new features to existing two-wire irrigation decoder technology.

TW-4 Controller for NG Decoders

24Vac Controller for 2-WIRE and RADIO NG decoders.

TW-4 Controller for 2 Wire Watermation Decoders

24Vac Controller for 2-WIRE and RADIO Watermation decoders.

Decoder MK3

New technology decoder for 2 wire systems. Can be mixed with Decoder In A Solenoid (DIAS) and Sensor decoders, moisture, pressure, level, flow and digital input

TW3/Sapien Remote Control Cable

Using this cable the Tonick TW3 irrigation controller may be remotely controlled from a mobile phone.

TW-3 Controller for Toro Trident/SC3000 Decoders

The TW-3/TOR will operate up to 99 Toro SC3000/Trident decoders.

TW-3 Controller for 2W/Watermation Decoders

The Tonick TW-3 is a mid range controller for up to 127 Watermation-style 2 wire decoders.

TW-3 Controller for Gemini decoders

The Tonick TW-3/GEM is a mid-range controller for up to 95 Gemini-type decoders

PelletPro Wetting Agent Applicator Gun

With control on/off, Cloudburst nozzle, high flow plastic valve; 3/4" inlet and 3/4 "MHTx1" FHT Adapter.