RM-2 Rainmaker Internet Based 2 Wire Decoder System Irrigation Controller

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TWL Underhill 2022 Brochure

The 2022 brochure is the latest published, see the News section for newer products.

TW3 Controller

An overview of the Tonick TW-3 irrigation controller. Works with 127 Tonick 2Wire, 99 Toro/Trident 3 wire and 95 Gemini 2 wire decoders.

TW3 Controller Remote Control

A method of remotely controlling the TW-3 irrigation controller using a mobile phone (USA cellphone), (FR portable), (ES movil).

TW3 Operation and Installation Manual

This describes how to intall and program the TW-3 Irrigation Controller to work with Tonick 2Wire, Toro SC3000/Trident and Gemini decoders.