2Wire Data Sheet 2021

The TW/NG-1 family brings a host of new features to existing two-wire irrigation decoder technology.


  • Long distances
  • Many stations on at the same time
  • Greater resistance to interference.
  • Positive acknowledgement of commands received
  • No exposed DC anywhere, tolerant to earth leakage in wiring
  • Decoder and solenoid can be separated by up to 1000m
  • High lightning immunity, backed by a warranty
  • 5-year warranty


  • Decoder programmed and tested using an App in an Android
    phone with NFC
  • Tamper protection
  • Record of who last altered the decoder’s data, date and time.
  • Decoder tested using the App. Voltage at the decoder displayed
  • Decoder can hold its geo-location and textual notes
  • Decoder interface retrieves data from all decoders into a database
  • Database can be loaded into a service engineer’s phone
  • Stored geo-location used to give directions to the decoder, using
    Google Maps.


  • TW/NG-1-CC Valve on/off plus contact closure and counting
    • Measures a volt-free contact open or closed. Used with
      the new generation of valves that sense correct opening or
    • Counts contact closures (de-bounced) up to 4 per second.
    • Used with a flow meter or tipping bucket rain gauge
  • TW/NG-1-420 Valve on/off plus 4-20mA sensor reading
    • Loop excitation 24VDC up to 25mA
    • Variable pause for sensor warm-up time
    • 12 bit resolution, 0.2% Accuracy
    • Used with pressure or lake level sensing
    • Used with flow meters with 4-20mA output
  • TW/NG-1-2.5 Valve on/off plus 0-2.5V sensor reading
    • Sensor power 24VDC up to 25mA
    • Variable sensor warm-up delay
    • 12 bit resolution, 0.2% Accuracy
    • Used with analog output moisture sensors, etc.

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