TW-4 Data Sheet


  • 24Vac Controller for 2-WIRE and RADIO decoders.
  • The same programmer acts as a programming console for the field decoders.
  • Easy and quick to program.
  • Number of decoders: Up to 127 wired stations + 128 radio stations + master valve + sensors.
  • Number of programs: 6 independent and overlapping programs.
  • Number of starts: 6 starts per program.
  • Cycle duration: up to 7 days. (days, interval, odd or even).
  • Programming times: from 1 minute to 12 hours per valve, with descending counter in minutes.
  • Wire range up to 1,500 m {5000ft}, and Radio up to 12Km (7.5Mi).
  • MANUAL START of stations and programs with “countdown”.
  • Programmable delay between stations and / or pump.
  • DOSIFICATION PROGRAM of up to 4 fertilizers with independent waiting time and dosing time.
  • Up to 8 Master-Valves and / or Pumps. Configurable.
  • Communications port for remote control through Hydro-Plus by GPRS or Wifi communication.
  • Up to 16 sensor inputs: 2 of ON - OFF / 4 of 4 - 20mA / 6 of digital CC / 3 of digital 1 - 255Hz / 1 of SDI-12.
  • Outdoor box with press releases-catch and safety lock.
  • Outlets for outdoor antenna and sensor inputs.
  • Program “D - F” configurable in minutes or seconds with inhibition from the N/C sensor. This allows us to connect pressure differential pressure switches for the automatic WASHING OF FILTERS, connection to fertilizer injection pumps or short sequential irrigation.
  • Easy installation, programming and use thanks to its versatile design and its hybrid control system.
  • Rotary mechanical control menu and 4-key ergonomic keyboard.
  • Digital display with icons that make its management very logical and simple.
  • PAUSE and DELAY menu positions.
  • Budget adjustment between 10% and 400%.
  • Input for activation of master valve and two inputs for sensors, one normally open (differential pressure switch for washing filters), and the other normally closed (rain sensor).
  • Non-volatile memory that keeps the programs made and are not deleted in case of blackouts. Internal Lithium battery to maintain the time and calendars in case of power outs.


  • Voltage: 110 / 220V transformer from 1000mA to 24Vac.
  • Output 24Vac.
  • 2 x 24Vac solenoids per decoder.
  • Connection strip: cables up to 1.5 mm.


  • Height: 220mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Depth: 50mm
  • Weight: 460g


  • 24Vac solar kit




  • TW/NG-1 Field Decoder 1 valve 24Vac
  • TW/NG-1-CC Includes contact closure sensing
  • TW/NG-1-420 Includes 4-20mA sensor reading
  • TW/NG-12.5v Includes 0-2.5v sensor reading
  • eCoil-Low Current Solenoid 24Vac
  • OASIS-4 LORA/Remote Valve controller 4 station

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