Irrigation Controllers

A choice of irrigation controllers that meet the needs of the largest and smallest installations. All are versatile and easy to use and all have optional radio remote control.

Irrigation controllers come in many different versions. The smallest type is used in garden irrigation systems and has perhaps 4-9 outputs to individual solenoid valves.

The next size irrigation controller is known as ‘light commercial’. This type of controller has 15-48 outputs.

TW-4 Controller for NG Decoders

24Vac Controller for 2-WIRE and RADIO NG decoders.

TW-4 Controller for 2 Wire Watermation Decoders

24Vac Controller for 2-WIRE and RADIO Watermation decoders.


Free Controller with a minimum of 50 TW/2W Decoders, a Programmer/tester and 100 DBY-MED & 100 DBY-SMALL, also inc free Remote Control Cable.

TW3/Sapien Remote Control Cable

Using this cable the Tonick TW3 irrigation controller may be remotely controlled from a mobile phone.

TW-3 Controller for Toro Trident/SC3000 Decoders

The TW-3/TOR will operate up to 99 Toro SC3000/Trident decoders.

TW-3 Controller for 2W/Watermation Decoders

The Tonick TW-3 is a mid range controller for up to 127 Watermation-style 2 wire decoders.

TW-3 Controller for Gemini decoders

The Tonick TW-3/GEM is a mid-range controller for up to 95 Gemini-type decoders


Internal 10" touch screen for local control of RM-2

Wall Mount Cabinet for Sapien/TW3/NOVO

The lockable wall mount enclosure holds the TW-3, Sapien or NOVO series. It also houses the line power (mains) transformer or inverter power supply.

Sapien 2 Wire Controller: 63 Station, 220V (Europe)

The Underhill Sapien is ideal for smaller jobs and has the lowest price on the market. It has more features than the Hunter ICC and I-Core. It can be remotely controlled with a mobile phone.