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Remote Control the TW3/Sapien for Less than £100 Using a low cost PAYG mobile phone as a receiver, the Tonick TW3 irrigation controller may be remotely controlled from any other mobile phone.

The phone should be configured to auto-answer only on phone numbers in its contact list. This prevents malicious callers operating the irrigation system.

A low cost cable from Tonick is then plugged into the 'Walkman' socket to feed the 'Remote Control' terminals in the TW3 or Sapien.

The phone's charger is left permanently connected so the battery never runs down. A dashboard mount can be used to secure the phone on the wall next to the controller.

A low cost cable is used to connect the receiving phone to the TW3 or Sapien.

This price does not include the mobile phone With the phone thus installed, the designated mobile phone(s) can dial the receiver and once connected, a simple sequence of digits pressed on the sending phone's keyboard will operate a station, a series of stations.

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