• Can retrofit to legacy Tonick Decoders.
  • Remote Control using PC, Smartphones and Tablets over GPRS, 4G, Wi-Fi.
  • No app needed, any browser. Web pages in the controller.
  • Up to 256 decoder stations between 2 cable paths.
  • TW/NG-1 decoders programmed and tested using a free App (tamper protected)
  • Can sense correct water flow in a valve without needing a flow meter.
  • Low cost sensor decoders

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  • Multi language support

Market Sectors

  • Agriculture Irrigation
  • Landscape Watering
  • Golf Irrigation


The RM-2 Rainmaker irrigation controller provides a solution for medium to large scale irrigation applications. Providing remote connectivity, the RM-2 is versatile, and is very competitively priced, with many extra features the 'well known names' do not have. (some patented)  The RM-2 comes with both an Ethernet and an integrated 4G modem providing remote access via your smart phone, tablet, PC or centralised monitoring system. The unit is configured using its own web interface, enabling the user to setup watering stations and program times.


  • Retrofit to legacy Tonick TW/2W decoders
  • Many extra features with next generation TW/NG decoders
  • Decoders programmed and tested using free NFC app on Android phone (tamper protection)
  • Valve can be tested using the App
  • Configuration of water flow through the valve
  • Geo location and installation notes held in the decoder, retrieved by the RM-2
  • Low cost Flow, Pressure and Moisture Monitoring

Web Page Configuration

The RM-2 has an integrated web server allowing users to operate and configure the RM-2 using a standard web browser. This means it does need not to rely on a 3rd party server, App or proprietary network software. The web interface will display historic alarms and the current the status of each watering station. The web interface allows the user to test individual or groups of stations by using the manual override feature.

Tonick decoders

  • Next Generation TW/NG-1 family.
  • TW/2W Legacy decoders With 1, 2, 3 and 4 outputs.
  • Wide variety of TW/NG sensor decoders.
  • 5 year warranty, including lightening damage.

Communication Interfaces

  • Ethernet, 4G & GPRS, Wifi

Protocols Supported

  • Modbus TCP & RTU, DNP 3.0, Open VPN, SMS.


To order or for any enquiry please contact us by email or by phone. 


Tel: 01346 531193