Decoder In A solenoid (DIAS)

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2Wire Decoder built-into a valve solenoid Special Features • Combines a 2Wire Decoder and Solenoid into one product. • Reduces number of field wire connections by 50% • Multi-colored LED provides feedback — reduces troubleshooting time. • Screws into most valves. (Threaded adapters for Hunter, Toro, Irritrol Bermad & Rain Bird). • Compatible with all Underhill & Tonick 2Wire Controllers and Converters. • Superior distance and number of concurrent active stations. • No grounding necessary along the 2Wire path. • Built-in powerful protection from Lightning surges. • Can re-use old wiring. Earth leakage on 2Wire well tolerated. • ‘Out of the box’, works as a normal 24VAC solenoid with ultra low current. • Works with the Tonick Sensor decoder range; soil moisture, flow and pressure. A range of inexpensive thread adaptors to fit most popular valves

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