RM-2 Rainmaker Internet Based 2 Wire Decoder System Irrigation Controller

RM-2 Rainmaker Internet Based 2 Wire Decoder System Irrigation Controller Brochure

Training: Irrigation Solenoids

The solenoids used on irrigation valves. How they work The different types

Training: Electricity for Irrigators

Electricity explained for those in irrigation.

Training: Using 2Wire Decoders

This covers 2wire advantages and disadvantages 2wire types; DC vs. AC 2Wire lightning protection principles Extending Zones Multi-wire to 2wire adaptors Finding 2wire cable faults Mapping 2wire cables

Soil Sampler

Alternative Energy Basics

Irrigation Valve Principles

Runtime Calculator

The NEXT GENERATION Irrigation Decoder Family TW/NG

Irrinet ACE3600 Decoder Interface

How to use the Tonick decoder intrface as part of the Irrinet ACE3600 irrigation controller.

PowerBlast Nozzle Data

Nozzle brochure

4-20mA Interface Decoder

Decoder to Interface to SDI-12 Sensors

A Sender Decoder that allows SDI-12 Senors to be interfaces to the 2wire path

Combination Valve & Sensor Decoder

A Decoder on the 2wire path for up to 127 valves and 127 sensors

Fault-finding Field Wiring

An updated and abbreviated version of the full manual

TWL Irrigation Ltd Privacy Policy

Privacy policy advising customers on how we treat their data.

Sapien Enclosures Flyer

Sapien Sales Brochure

Turfspy Glasses Brochure

Gulp Pumps

Clear Gulp and Big Gulp water removal suction pumps.

TurboTrim Brochure

Rapid trimming of turf surrounding sprinkler heads.

Decoder MK3 Specification

Specification of the MK3 decoder for use with 2wire irrigation systems

Adaptor to 2Wire Decoders. Instruction Manual

Adapts 3rd Party multi-wire or PLCs to 2wire irrigation decoders and sensors

Adaptor to 2wire decoders (BT2)

Adapts 3rd party controllers or PLCs to 2wire decoder systems

Decoder In A solenoid (DIAS)

A revolutionary combination of the decoder encapsulated into the top of a solenoid.

2wire Decoder Programmer/Tester

How to use the Programmer/Tester for 2wire Decoders, DIAS, Combo Decoder, Sensor Decoders

Flow Sender Data Sheet

RM-2 Rainmaker Irrigation Controller Internet Based 2Wire Decoder System

Sensor Decoders

TW-3 Controller Remote Control

Remote control of a TW3 using a mobile phone

TW-3 Controller Brochure

WM Programmer / Tester Instructions

TW-3 Operation and Installation Manual

The Tonick Translator Instruction Manual

Toro Programmer / Tester Instructions

Fault Finding Irrigation Field Wiring

Data on remote control