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Magnum UltraMax Premium Turbo Shift Nozzle 3/4"

Step up to the most professional nozzle you can buy - Magnum UltraMax. Firefighter quality for professionals in any field, these variable flow, multi-function nozzles are virtually indestructible and leak proof. The innovative TURBO SHIFT feature, available in both high-flow and low-flow models, provides two distinct L/min ranges for added versatility. And the outstanding distribution patterns of all MAGNUM UltraMax nozzles make them excel in high demand areas like greens/tees,  infield conditioning and equipment and stadium washdowns.


Multi pattern spray: Fog, Jet Stream, Fan

Built for 1" and 3/4" Hose Flow Rates

Materials: Aircraft Aluminium, Stainless Steel, TPR Rubber

Turbo Shift:

Dual Variable Flow: Delivers light fog and low volume jet stream patterns before shifting to high volume jet stream and fan patterns.

Two Models Available to order:

UI/NG550-DFH-75   High Volume Model

Opens with 45-64  L/min   Turbo Shifts to 76-163 L/min

UI/NG550-DFL-75   Low Volume Model

Opens with  27-45 L/min   Turbo Shifts to 53-64 L/min

All flow rates based on 5.5 bar

Composite valve and Brass quick connect available

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