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TurfSpy Early Sress Detection Glasses for Turf and Vegetation; shatterproof polycarbonate safety lens with case.

Disease, drought and weed invasion are plant and turf killers. But by the time you see them it can be too late. TurfSpy glasses, with stress detection technology developed by NASA, let's you "see into the future" to identify problems 2-10 days before they are visible to your naked eye. Keep your turf and vegetation healthy BEFORE serious problems arise.

Wrap-around lens limits ambient light for optimal detection

Sports frame with adjustable rear piece

Lightweight case included

How It Works:

Drying vegetation absorbs and reflects sunlight differently than when it's healthy. The earliest signals occur at the outer limits of the human visual spectrum and are rendered invisible compared to the predominant middle wavelengths.  TurfSpy filters the light in the centre so that fringe spectra, which show early plant stress, become visible.

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