There are a number of things you can do, each small and inexpensive, which can save you all of the above.

Get a straight-sided 1L plastic jug.  Fill it with water up to about 1cm from the top.  Put it on a bar stool about 1m above the ground in an open area.  Measure the water level each day by dipping in a millimetre graduated ruler.  The drop in water level is quite similar to that used by turfgrass.  (It has been tested by two American universities).  Now use a controller that can water in mm, like the Tonick TW3.  Just match the mm you put on to the mm lost.  You will save both water and pumping electricity.

Watering by hand.

If you use the wide range of hose nozzles available from TWL-Irrigation (Tonick), you will save labour by getting the correct coverage straight away, in the least amount of time.  Conveniently, the “Nozzle Locker”, for example, houses the range in a tidy case.  Just choose the best nozzle for the job!

Don’t forget the range of replacement decoders, wire joiners and a field wiring fault-finding kit to keep your 2wire system going without spending a fortune.

TWL Irrigation:  Now in its 25th year of helping you irrigate.