Tonick adapted their innovative RM-2 irrigation controller to this application with the support of local UAE based automation and SCADA specialist, Precast FZCO based it on the T-BOX RTU from Servelec Technologies.

Providing remote connectivity and water balance irrigation control, the Tonick RM-2 is a powerful irrigation control system that provides scalable solutions for very large-scale irrigation and water management applications.
Tonick RM-2 and weather station installed in Abu Dhabi park.

Project scope
• Up to 2,000+ controllers (RTU’s) in total.
• Networked to Abu Dhabi Municipality SCADA.
• 2-wire decoder system.
• Flow, pressure and weather inputs.
• Irrigation scheduling software.
• Local support via SCADA specialist Precast FZCO.

Currently there are more than 250 RM-2 controllers in Abu Dhabi city installed by Precast FZCO as part of a rolling upgrade.
Once online to the SCADA, the municipality operators to access relevant data from the irrigation network in the entirety of the city, all in one central system.