Landscape Irrigation Products

Gardens change regularly. Tree and shrubs come and go, flower beds change. What is needed is an irrigation system that can change too.

A system that has just two electrical conductors that go everywhere, gives the versatility that is needed. At each valve is an electronic switch, called a decoder. It has a unique address like a telephone number. It connects to the conductors, picks up 24VAC power and listens for commands. When its number is sent, it supplies the valve with power, turning on the water.  Having just one 2 conductor cable (called the 2wire path), allows new sections to be spliced in anywhere; just add a new decoder to make another valve work.

The TW3 has a monthly seasonal adjust between 0-255% to track the weather, 4 watering programs and up to 12 start times per program. By adding an inexpensive rain switch, it can water the gardens all year round without further adjustment.

For city-wide irrigation, TWL Irrigation/Tonick offers the RM-2 irrigation controller.  Providing remote connectivity and water balance irrigation control, the RM-2 is a powerful irrigation control system that provides scalable solutions for large-scale irrigation and water management applications.

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