Following the obsolescense of the existing Tonick Toro TW/TORO decoder, due to lack of legacy components, Tonick has re-engineered this decoder using the latest NT decoder engine.

The TW/TOR-1, -2, -3 and -4; respectively single, dual, triple and quad outputs, are compatible with the SC3000 and Trident 3-wire controllers.  They will respond to addresses 1-99.

Diagnosis of wiring faults are aided by a multicoloured LED fed into a light pipe on the bottom of the TW/TOR range.  This illuminates Green , when powered up and listening, Red when being signalled and Orange when the solenoid is being energised by the decoder.

The Tonick Toro decoder is an important part of the Tonick decoder family.  This comprises the TW/2W, TW/NT, TW/TOR, DIAS 2Way and DIAS 3Way.

Controllers to operate these are the TW-3 for 2Wire, Gemini and Toro.  The Internet compatible RM-2 controller for SCADA/DNP3 networks and the BT2 range of OEM interface cards.

Pricing of the new TW/TOR decoders remains the same as the legacy versions.