The powerful irrigation controller, the Tonick RM-2, has been enhanced with further software:

  • A special software option for correctly watering trees.
  • Flow learning and flow checking of individual stations

The RM-2 is controllable through the Internet, using WiFi or 3G and from an optional HMI display, mounted inside the cabinet. Unlike other controllers, a 3rd party Cloud server is not necessary.  Customers operating city-wide networks may configure their own, using Modbus or DNP-3

The RM-2 will operate the following decoders and sensor decoders.

  • TW/2W; legacy 'Watermation' decoders.
  • TK-DEC-1; legacy landscape decoder.
  • TW/NT; latest 2wire decoders with optional customer-proprietary signalling and with diagnostic LED.
  • DIAS; The revolutionary Decoder In A Solenoid; 2 way for smaller valves and 3 way for large. Thread adaptors are available for most popular valves, as is optional customer-proprietry signalling
  • Sensor Decoder Range:  Moisture, Pressure, Tank/Well level, Flow, Digital inputs, Combination- Master Valve/Pressure/Flow.

The maximum capacity of a single RM-2 controller is 508 valves and 60 sensor decoders. A single Master Valve and an essentially unlimited number of sub-master valves can be operated.