Add a 2Wire decoder option to your existing irrigation controller?

Customised decoders, tough and proven, with no technical risk!

Working with your technical department, TWL-Irrigation can adapt from a range of decoder interfaces to suit your controller. You can then offer a 2-wire decoder option on your best-selling product.

Choose from the following interface options:

BT2 Decoder Interface Eurocard

BT2 Decoder Interface Eurocard

  • NOVO Multi-wire to 2Wire Converter

    NOVO Multi-wire to 2Wire Converter

    Pre-programmed microprocessor and a suggested reference circuit for your engineering staff to lay out on your own PCB.

  • Small daughter PCB that can be interfaced using I2C, SPI, RS232, RS485 or TTL-style ‘bit bashing’.
  • Ready made Eurocard, 100 x 160mm, with RS485. Either a simple ASCII protocol or Modbus RTU slave
  • DIN rail version of the Eurocard
  • Multi-wire to 2-wire converter (NOVO). Needs no modification to the host controller.

The decoder types are as follows:

  • 2-wire’ decoders with 1,2,3 & 4 independent outputs for 24VAC solenoids
  • The revolutionary ‘Decoder In A Solenoid’ (DIAS). Not much bigger than an ordinary solenoid, with low cost thread adaptors to most major valve families. Replaces the usual 24VAC solenoid.
  • Comprehensive range of sensor decoders

Volumetric soil moisture

Water pressure

Differential water pressure for filter monitoring

Tank depth

Well depth

Contact closure counting for totalising, (Woltmann-type water meters)

Insertion flowmeter measurement (pulses, frequency 1-255Hz)

4-20mA input decoder

SDI-12 Interface decoder

8 input digital for monitoring contact closures, alarms etc.

Common Features:

The decoders can be manufactured for your company with your own labels and to only work with your controller

All Tonick supplied decoders need no grounding along the 2-wire path. This is due to their built-in unique and proven lighting protection circuits. This means a drastic reduction in labour and cost.

All Tonick’s are tolerant of leakage to earth in the main cable and solenoid wires. This means lower cost cable and joiners can be used, often saving thousands. Also, Tonick’s can be retrofitted to old cables or bunched multi-wire.

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