Effective, chemical-free treatment to preserve and improve water resources
Distributed by, TWL Irrigation, Manufactured by ZPM Europe Ltd
The Vi~Aqua turfgrass enhancement system is an innovative, clean process based on many years research into the influence of electromagnetic fields on the molecular structure of colloids.


  • Improved turfgrass quality and lush appearance
  • Save money on fertilizers
  • Improves disease resistance
  • Enhances root development
  • Reduces watering times
  • Optimised water utilisation
  • De-scaling effect on pipework and nozzles
  • Low running cost


  • Increased solubility of nutrients
  • All natural process
  • Environmentally safe
  • No chemicals used
  • No need for pH correction for up to pH9
  • Simple, quick installation - no special tools or skills needed
  • Thoroughly tested & proven
  • Supervision not required - switch on and forget
  • Totally safe
  • CE marked


Vi~Aqua basically continuously injects medium frequency radio power directly into the irrigation water flow. So doing favourably modifies the molecular structure of the water by imparting electronegative charge enhancement; this greatly benefits the growth characteristics of turfgrass (or any other plant).
Several things happen to the water to benefit the turfgrass:

  • Surface tension is reduced by some 20% by altering the natural surface charge of suspended particles -
  • This facilitates nutrient uptake since fertilizer becomes more soluble
    Fertiliser is absorbed more effectively and less is therefore required
  • The increased Nitrogen uptake reduces Nitrogen run-off into the water table
  • The applied water percolates more quickly through the soil and sand; less watering is required, root depth is stimulated and "black layer" overcome
  • Potassium uptake is increased and results in stronger grass
  • The benefits are equally effective in soft and hard water and water with a high pH value (up to pH9)
  • Silica from the soil is better absorbed and is converted to Silicone at the plant surface; Silicone is the natural defence mechanism of plants against insects and fungus

Hydrogen Peroxide is produced -

  • This stimulates root formation
  • Root penetration is strengthened

Continuous benefits - Due to the "memory" of the water molecular structure, the treatment of the water lasts for 16 hours - adequate time for irrigation and take up. Remember that the process is continuous and so are the benefits

and Photosynthesis is enhanced -

  • Results in faster, stronger growth, especially in shaded location and in Winter
  • Better resilience to damage with quicker structural recovery
  • Greater CO2 absorption helps reduction of the Greenhouse effect


In both scientific tests and prestige installations, the Vi~Aqua system has proved highly effective

  • In the research and development phase, extensive, published testing was carried out in Ireland at the University of Limerick, the Research Unit at Teagse, Co Meath and at Warrenstown Agricultural College
  • Proven installation sites include the K club Golf course, Ireland which is hosting the 2006 Ryder Cup, several premiership football clubs and several international stadia including the Millenium Stadium, Cardiff.


Totally safe to both plants and man.

The electromagnetic field produced by Vi~Aqua antenna is of relatively low frequency and is contained within the treated water.

  • It does not form ionizing or harmful electromagnetic fields
  • It does not induce the formation of radicals or reactive elements
  • It does not cause DNA modification
  • The equipment is CE marked and the control unit is housed in a
  • weatherproof enclosure to IP66. The antenna is fully immersible.


Unlike traditional water treatment systems, Vi~Aqua is easily and quickly installed in any application. It comprises two units which are connected to each other via a single, electrical cable. The control unit is a surface mounting box to which the 220/240V ac supply is connected; the antenna which connects to the control unit is located at the water inlet, fully immersed. Simply switch on and treatment starts immediately. It runs continuously without the need for supervision, maintenance or chemicals.


"We have decided to continue using the Vi~Aqua water treatment in conjunction with the other maintenance programme currently in use at our Course, in preparation for the Ryder Cup 2006."
Gerard Byrne - Golf Course Superintendent. The K club, Ireland.

"A great asset, the first in Ireland and indeed in Europe is Mel Flanagan's pioneering use of the new Vi~Aqua system. The results (of using Vi~Aqua) at Abbeyliex are visible and tangible, a spectacular dark green sward on the new greens which offer a perfect durable putting surface."
Gerry O'Hara

Hon. Secretary. Abbeyliex Golf Club, Ireland.

"The grass experiment concluded that the (Vi~Aqua) treated samples produced significantly higher carbohydrate concentration, which would increase the ensilability of the grass even under conditions climatically unfavourable for grass growth."
Chemical & Environmental Science Department. University of Limerick, Ireland.



a) Power Supply / Control Box
Dimensions: 22cm (W) x 30cm (H) x 8cms(D)
Weight: 3kg
IP66 rated (weatherproof) secure, enclosure, CE marked.
Input - supply voltage
Output - connection to antenna assembly
b) Antenna
Dimensions: 14cm(dia.) x 40cm(l) overall
Weight: 4.5kg
b) Flanged Antenna
Dimensions: 29cms(dia.) flange x 40cms (l) overall
Weight: 5kg
Maximum Operating Pressure: 5Bar; for installation on Inlet
Side or in sump of irrigation system
Note: Clearance of at least 50mm must be allowed between the lower face of the antenna and any metal surface.


a) Power supply /Control Box
Supply: 89-264V ac 50/60Hz
Output: 24V dc to antenna
Power consumption: 24W per hour
b) Antenna


Power supply: 24V dc from Control Box
Propagation: 30MHz propagation directly into water inlet or sump.
Treats 500,000 litres volume or 100,000 litres /hour flow

All dimensions are approximate. Specifications may be subject to change.

TWL Irrigation Ltd is the sole, UK Golf-course Distributor for Vi~Aqua.
Vi~Aqua is manufactured by ZPM Europe Ltd; Limerick & is patented.

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