The TW-4 irrigation controller and TW/NG-1 decoder family were launched
at the BTME 2022 exhibition in Harrogate Yorkshire.
The TW-4 follows on from the successful TW-3 and offers a host of modern
127 2wire valve decoders and 127 remote wireless decoders (using LoRa),
mixed together, as needed
WiFi or 4G cellular connectivity
App for full control of one or more TW-4s
Optional SCADA for central monitoring and control of multiple TW-4s
The TW/NG-1 is the Next Generation of decoder
May be configured or tested in or out of the ground, using a standard
Android phone with NFC communication.
No need for an expensive programmer/tester. Just a free App
Tamper protection.
Geo-location and any notes may be transferred into the decoder from the
installer's phone.
The stored information can be collected using the decoder interface and
used to guide a service engineer to a particular decoder.
TW/NG-1 versions with added inputs for flow meter, 4-20mA or 0-2.5V
Will work with the next generation of valves which confirm water is
flowing after commanded on.
The TW/NG family, may be used with 3rd-party controllers via ModBus RTU
to a DIN-rail decoder interface module. (DG-2 or DG-3)TW-4 Data Sheet