Volumetric Water content measuring decoder with VH-400 MOISTURE PROBE. 0-55%

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Volumetric Water Content Sensor Decoder This sensor will return the soil volumetric water content in percent, 0-55%. Packed into an 8-bit Byte. Specification

  • Resolution: 1%, i.e. byte will return 0-55 in binary
  • Linearisation: The Sensor decoder linearises the moisture sensor output.
  • Accuracy: typically 2% to 4% depending on how well it is installed in the ground and the soil type.

The high frequency VH400 series soil moisture sensor probes enable precise low cost monitoring of soil water content. Because the probe measures the dielectric constant of the soil using transmission line techniques, it is insensitive to water salinity, and will not corrode over time as does conductivity based probes.

The probes are small, rugged, and low power. Probes come standard with a 2 meter cable. This may be extended using 3 core cable, up to 100m from the sensor. The TK-VWC-VH400 may be programmed to sensor address between 1-8 using the 2wire programmer/tester

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