RM-2 Internet Irrigation Controller

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The RM-2 Rainmaker irrigation controller provides a solution for large scale irrigation applications. Providing both remote connectivity and water balance control, the RM-2 is a very powerful and scalable irrigation controller.

The RM-2 comes with both an Ethernet and an integrated 3G modem providing remote access via your smart phone, tablet, PC or centralised monitoring system. The unit is configured using its own web interface, enabling the user to setup watering stations and program times.

The RM-2 allows you to access it through any browser used in a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Market Sectors

  • Agriculture Irrigation
  • Large Scale City Watering
  • Golf Irrigation


  • Uses Gold Standard Irrigation Method – Water Balance
  • Built in Hydrozone calculator
  • Automatic adjustment of watering times based on just
    two daily parameters
  • Optional Flow, Pressure and Moisture Monitoring
  • Provision for Fertigation
  • Water Budget control
  • Email & Text Alarms


  • 25% - 40% Savings with Water Balance control
  • Remote Monitoring using GPRS,3G Wi-Fi, Radio & Satellite
  • Water Balance & Timed irrigation
  • Up to 762 decoder stations
  • Decoders proven in nearly 300,000 stationsover 15 years
  • Centralised control will work with most SCADA Systems
  • Multi language support

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