Reed Switch Flow Meter Pulse Counting Decoder

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Flow Meter Contact Closure Counter Decoder

Used with Woltmann type flow meters, or open collector output flow meters. This has software to count and debounce contact closures into a 7 bit accumulator.

The top bit reflects the state of the contact, open or closed. All 8 bits are returned when interrogated. These may be read through the Blind Translator2 (BT2), Fn. 0x06, or via 2 Holding Registers in the ModBus RTU version of the BT2.

The accumulator will wrap around from 0x7F to 0x00 when overflowing. The Host controller's software can measure the difference between two successive readings and using its measure of time elapsed, can calculate the flow rate.

The latency between asking the BT2 to return a reading and getting it, will be 2.5 seconds. The top bit of the accumulator will reflect the open/closed status of the switch. 1 = closed, 0 = open.

This may be used to detect switch status rather than flow pulses. The TK-FLO-CC may be programmed to sensor address between 1-8 using the 2wire programmer/tester  

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