Flow Meter Frequency Reading Decoder

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The TK-FLO-FREQ measures pulse-type open-collector flow meters. Housed in a water-tight encapsulated tube, 44mm diameter, 92mm long, the sender powers the sensor and measures the frequency of the pulse train over a 2 second period..

A green/red/orange LED makes troubleshooting easier. It is compatible with Tonick BT2 and Irrinet decoder interfaces. Additionally, the Tonick RM-2 Internet-based controller.

TK-FLO-FREQ SPECIFICATION: Flow Frequency: (Open collector pulses, fed by +9V from decoder) Example flow-meters: Creative Sensor Technology FSI-T00-000, 0.5-200Hz George Fisher Signet 2536, 0.5-255Hz Badger Meter 200 Series, 3.2-200Hz, 5mS pulses (measurement interval 2 seconds, rounded to 1 byte) Byte output 0-255 for 0-255Hz

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