Decoder to SDI-12 Sensors

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The TWL Irrigation Sender decoder allows SDI-12 sensors to be interfaced into the 2wire path. SDI-12 is an industry standard protocol used by many environmental sensors.  This include:

  • Multi-level soil moisture and temperature
  • Leaf wetness
  • Weather stations
  • Pyranometer
  • Rainfall measurement
  • ETo

The SDI-12 sender decoder may be used on the same 2wire path, alongside valve decoders, flow, pressure, 4-20mA and contact closure.

It is compatible with Tonick BT2 and Irrinet decoder interfaces. Additionally, the Tonick RM-2 Internet-based controller. (The BT2 is an OEM product and can be customised to suit the customer's controller. 

The range includes a full function Eurocard, down to a pre-programmed microprocessor that can be built into the customer's own controller PCB.)

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