Adaptor to 2wire Decoders (BT2)

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This Eurocard sized board drastically simplifies the conversion of existing multi-wire controllers or PLCs to two wire decoder.

By utilizing circuit technology that has been field-proven in thousands of installations and hundreds of thousands of decoders, the Tonick BT2 removes the technical risk in embracing 2 wire technology.

The BT2 will signal up to 127 Tonick TW/2W series decoders or DIAS on its 2 wire path. It communicates with the host controller using serial communications RS485. Two communications protocols are available: A simple binary command set which is easy to program in the host controller’s firmware. Alternatively, a Modbus RTU Slave protocol is available making it compatible with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and SCADA systems. The PCB can be customised to fit into the user’s controller for a small initial charge. A DIN rail version is available

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