Combination Master Valve, Pressure and Flow Decoder

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COMBINATION DECODER & SENDER Master Valve, Pressure and Flow The COMBO decoder combines a Master Valve solenoid on/off control, a pressure sensor input and two alternative flow inputs; one for Woltmann-type contact closures flow meters and the other for pulse-type open-collector flow meters. Housed in a water-tight encapsulated enclosure, 70x50x35mm, the combination decoder may use any or all the inputs and outputs. A green/red/orange LED makes troubleshooting easier. It is compatible with Tonick BT2 and Irrinet decoder interfaces. Additionally, the Tonick RM-2 Internet-based controller. The BT2 is an OEM product and can be customised to suit the customer's controller. The range includes a full function Eurocard, down to a pre-programmed microprocessor that can be built into the customer's own controller PCB. The Master Valve address may be set to either 126 or 127, using the 2wire programmer/tester.  This then allocates the sensor addresses.  See data sheet. Price does not include pressure transducer
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