What an Irrigation System is and How it Works

By Tony Ware on 23rd October 2020

According to the Collins English Dictionary, an irrigation system supplies the land with water by artificial means such as digging ditches or diverting canals and rivers in order to deliver water to promote the growth of food crops. Today, the principle is still the same, even though the methodology may have changed quite significantly. Irrigation […]

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What Landscape Irrigation is and How it Became Smart

By Tony Ware on 14th October 2020

One of the key constituents of maintaining a healthy landscape, whether in a private or a public garden, is effective irrigation. When watered correctly, any landscaped area, be it a garden or lawn, becomes more resistant to pests and other horticultural problems. When you create a water-efficient lawn or garden irrigation system, you can create […]

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The Different Types of Golf Course Grass

By Tony Ware on 2nd October 2020

Most golf players will appreciate a good course with its smooth playing surface and luxurious feel, however, not too many will understand the dynamics of what makes a golf course the best it can be. There are many steps to making a golf course, and they all have an important part to play in making […]

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The Story of Irrigation: Where & When Was it Invented

By Tony Ware on 10th September 2020

Circa 1.8 million years ago, the human brain grew bigger, the gut got smaller, and early-stage humankind began to walk upright. Around the same time, according to Richard Wrangham, a British primatologist at Harvard University, USA, Homo Erectus learned to harness fire to cook food. It was a game-changer. As Wrangham stated, people do not […]

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How Drip Irrigation Saves Water

By Tony Ware on 8th September 2020

Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet. All life depends on it, so it is of paramount importance that we must use it with care and conserve the supply for future generations. It is quite a challenge, one that is made even more demanding by climate change. Water is not only […]

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The Best Golf Course Lawn Care Products to Use

By Tony Ware on 8th September 2020

Maintaining a healthy and playable golf course requires hours of work and a lot of help from staff and equipment. However, one of the most important things is to have the right products that can be used on the surface to keep it perfect for the players. As well as the usual products that many […]

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Golf Course Lawn Maintenance Tips

By Tony Ware on 25th August 2020

When you visit a golf course, you will notice one thing above all else, how immaculate the grass will be. For the majority of the golf courses around the world, the way the grass is kept is one of the highest priorities. A lot of work goes into maintaining the lawns all year round, and […]

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How Often to Water Your Garden

By Tony Ware on 18th August 2020

When the weather is nice, there is nothing better than sitting in the garden, enjoying the sun and smelling the flowers. While any garden can be a lovely place to sit, one that is looking nice and is well maintained is something to make you proud. As the weather gets drier, so does the need […]

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What is Agricultural Irrigation?

By Tony Ware on 17th August 2020

Agriculture has been a part of human life and its success for thousands of years. As animals, humans need food, and along with hunting, crops were also found to be a great way to feed communities. However, some countries around the world could not rely on rain alone to water their crops, so they had […]

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How Much Water Does a Golf Course Use?

By Tony Ware on 23rd July 2020

With the global population on the increase, and more evidence that the environment is suffering, there have been a number of changes taking place in governments all over the world. As well as trying to reduce pollution, rising temperatures have seen more demand on water supplies that has to be managed to ensure there is […]

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