How to Increase the Water Pressure in a Garden Hose

By Tony Ware on 2nd June 2021

Having low pressure in your garden hose can make watering a time-consuming and even frustrating prospect. If you can improve that pressure, you can bring the joy back into watering your garden. It will mean that you can water at greater distances and more effectively. It’s better for both you and your garden. Thankfully, increasing […]

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How Much Water Crops Need and Why

By Tony Ware on 21st May 2021

The UK agricultural and farming industry only contributes a relatively small amount to the national economy and employment stakes. However, it uses nearly 75% of the total land area and produces many important benefits for the population, the most obvious of which is the food it provides. Some of the side benefits that the agricultural […]

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Add 2-Wire Decoder Irrigation to Your SCADA PLC

By Tony Ware on 20th May 2021

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) may now be enabled to run irrigation using 2wire decoders. This is useful where the PLC is already doing control, like waste-water or pumping, but irrigation or water spreading is also needed. With Irrigation added, it can then be incorporated into SCADA. Currently, to control irrigation, multi-wire outputs (usually relay) need […]

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How to Water a Vegetable Garden

By Tony Ware on 30th April 2021

According to the RHS, the key to correctly watering a vegetable garden to ensure that the water reaches a soil depth of 30cm or one foot. You can check by digging one spade depth into the soil. If the soil at that depth is moist, further watering is unnecessary. They also say that while over-watering […]

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How to Landscape a Small Garden

By Tony Ware on 22nd April 2021

Do you want to make more of a small garden? Are you longing to have something attractive to look at? Would you like to create a beautiful space where your children can play safely? If any or all of these longings apply to you, we are here to help. In this short article, we are […]

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How to Water your Garden Plants While You’re Away

By Tony Ware on 18th March 2021

When you are going away for a few days only, your garden plants will probably be just fine, providing you treat them to a good soaking just before you go. Ideally, your garden ought to be mulched. It will minimise any loss of water through evaporation. Two the three inches of mulch will suffice. Any […]

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How to Clean a Drip Irrigation Filter

By Tony Ware on 17th March 2021

Like most mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic items, a drip irrigation system requires maintenance from time to time. Part of that maintenance is the cleaning of its filter. The filter in a drip irrigation system is there to capture any sediment within the water, thus preventing a possible buildup further down the line. Cleaning the system’s […]

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What is Subsurface Drip Irrigation

By Tony Ware on 18th February 2021

A subsurface drip irrigation system is a highly efficient, low-pressure network that utilises drip tubes or tapes to deliver water directly to the root systems of plants and crops. The concept of drip irrigation, which would lead to subsurface drip irrigation, was the brainchild of a Polish-Israeli inventor, Simcha Blass who developed the idea together […]

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How to Remove Salt From Irrigation Water

By Tony Ware on 15th February 2021

Plants absorb water through their root systems via a process known as osmosis. Water moves from soil, which ideally has low salt content, to the inside of root cells that have high salt content. When the accumulation of salt in the soil is higher than inside the roots’ cells, the reverse happens. The The soil […]

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How to Maintain Golf Course Bunkers

By Tony Ware on 20th January 2021

Golf course bunkers first came into being on links land due to “natural” occurrences. Originally, the ground was open farm or common land. Cattle and sheep roaming the area would find hollows in which to take shelter from rough weather. Their hooves would break down the surface inside the hollows, revealing the sand underneath, and […]

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